Sunday, January 24, 2010

Featured Sellers- IndigoTwin

This week I am featuring Indigo Twin, one of my favorite Etsy shops! I hope you enjoy their work as much as I do!

Indigo twin hails from small town Maine. We are Kirsten and Cortney, identical twin sisters who have always enjoyed creating art together. From crayon rubbings as small children to works of art as adults, we have always given each other inspiration. We both graduated from the University of Maine with Bachelor of Fine Arts degrees in 1998. Both of us try to get some crafting done when our small children are sleeping.... Cortney has three young children 5, 3,and 1 and Kirsten has one child who is 14 months. Kirsten works full time as an art teacher where she teaches k-12 students. Cortney runs the indigotwin business and teaches competitive figure skating. We dream of one day hosting artist retreats at our family compound in Maine where we have log cabin rentals, a beautiful river to fish or kayak and over 200 acres of pure, rustic nature.

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  1. Thanks so much for the feature! We will keep checking back in on you!